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Who is baltimore foxette?

Michelle Peralta is a Philadelphian native currently located in Baltimore, Maryland.

She is the Health and Wellness Educator at the University of Maryland, Baltimore's Wellness Hub and has a passion for improving overall health through behavior and lifestyle changes. She presents workshops to the University of Maryland students, faculty and staff. Her interests include stress management in school and the workplace, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga.

Prior to her position as Health and Wellness Educator, Michelle worked with the Center for Integrative Medicine, part of University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD and various non-profits in Philadelphia providing education on health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. 

Michelle completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Temple University and is currently attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Public Health with an emphasis in Community and Population Health. She seeks to empower people with creative solutions for behavior and lifestyle change.  

Her personal interests include hiking dates with her dog, concerts and seeking new adventures.


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